K. Riddle

Senior Patent Researcher


  • B.S. Nuclear Engineering, US Military Academy, West Point, NY
  • M.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA


  • 18+ years of experience in searching patents and non-patent literature world-wide including patent analytics, design patent searches, patentability searches, invalidity/inter-parte reexamination searches, clearance/FTO studies, technology transfer, landscape studies, etc.
  • Former USPTO examiner for over 6 years in medical devices and internal combustion engines, particularly valves, timing, cams, camshafts , nozzles, etc.
  • US Army Aviation Officer with experience in multiple helicopter platforms, air traffic control, UNIX-based Northrop Grumman (now LOGICON) designed Open Skies Mission Analysis and Planning System (OSMAPS) including in-flight moving map display via GPS connection, flight planning package with terrain elevation software (using DTED), imaging/sensor planning information, aircraft performance data, and numerous other capabilities.
  • Worked as a patent researcher for a multi-national IP services firm over 9 years with specializing in technologies such as hydrostatic transmission, exhaust gas recirculation, all types of valves, mining equipment, boats, ships, locomotives, tracked and wheeled vehicles, etc.


Robotics, machine learning, natural language processing, autonomous vehicles, jet engines, air traffic control systems, aerospace structures, business methods, medical devices, automotive, rotary and combustion engines, axles, structures, drivetrains, heating and cooling systems, hybrids, electric vehicles, electric motors, supply chain, RFID systems, marine systems, hydrostatic transmission, exhaust gas recirculation, valves, mining equipment, boats, ships, locomotives, tracked and wheeled vehicles, 3-D printing, etc.

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