Aaron Cook

Manager | Senior Patent Researcher


  • B.S. Music Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics, University of Miami magna cum laude
  • J.D., University of Florida


  • 10+ years of experience in searching patents and non-patent literature world-wide including patent analytics, PCT opinions, trademark searches, design patent searches, patentability searches, invalidity/inter-parte reexamination searches, clearance/FTO studies, technology transfer, patent portfolio analysis, landscape studies, etc.
  • Worked at a multi-national corporation prior to joining Lincoln IP
  • Member of the State of New York and District of Columbia Bar Associations


Medical and surgical devices, musical instruments, hearing aid algorithms, audio compression, alternative energy, telecommunications, computer networks, audio signal processing, MEMS and semiconductor devices, information displays (LEDs, OLEDs, plasma, etc.), NFC, Bluetooth, M2M, authentication, biometrics, encryption, nuclear energy, augmented reality, financial transactions, satellite navigation, inventory tracking, incentive programs, printers, imaging, autostereoscopic displays, print workflow management, printers, virtual reality, deep brain stimulation, GUI, orthopedics/spine, prosthetics, peripheral vascular, pulmonology, and medical information technology applications, diagnostic modules etc.

Mr. Cook is currently managing Lincoln IP’s operations in Chicago, IL.


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